La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Sydney + Jake

May 20, 2022

La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Sydney + Jake

As a La Jolla engagement photographer, there are so many beautiful beaches along the coastline to choose from! When given the task to capture a surprise proposal or engagement, I like to choose beaches that are a little more secluded. I want to make sure they can have as much of a private moment as possible. In this La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Sydney + Jake celebrated at Hogan’s beach. It is located near Windansea. They opted for a longer session in order to have an outfit change.

When shooting in a cliff area, I make sure to being my CANON 70-200mm lens. This allows me to have the flexibility to be afar and still capture them up on the cliffs. Especially here where the cliffs have gaps. I can show the foreground of the cliffs and ocean and also them. Using my prime lens would limit how much distance and how close or far I can get from them.

This is why it is important to know your shoot location. That way you know what distances you have and what kind of lens you need for that. You don’t want to be caught by surprise during your session. Also shooting at a location multiple times prepares you for that as well.

This session is another example of calculating sunset with low tide. You can see how there is a whole underwater world exposed to us. That is my favorite way to shoot beach sessions! Especially in the winter time when low tides are even lower than say summer time. The water doesn’t come up as high in the winter as it does in the summer. When possible, I always strive to book my beach sessions according to sunset and low tide.



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