Crystal Pier Pacific Beach Proposal Photos | S + S

January 3, 2023

Crystal Pier Pacific Beach Proposal Photos | S + S

As a San Diego proposal photographer, it’s exciting to see this moment unfold in front of my camera! My duty starts before the day of the proposal. I help guide and direct the proposer on this special day. If local, I like to meet with them at the proposal location. If visiting from out of town, then we rely on our phones to have a FaceTime call at the location. This way, on the day of, there nerves are reduced a bit since it has been practiced. Locations can be determined by the proposer or suggested by the photographer (with input from proposer). In these Crystal Pier Pacific Beach Proposal Photos | S + S chose a nostalgic location where they exchanged I love you’s for the first time.

Proposals can be intimate or you can invite your closest friends and family. It’s totally up to you and your relationship. You can also have a picnic planned or just have the session right after the proposal. No matter what you choose, it matters that it’s a reflection of you two as a couple. The surprise and emotions will be there no matter what!! I always want the couple to enjoy the few minutes right after the proposal because it’s like an emotional black out. It’s a very surreal feeling. Very exciting but can be a lot of emotion at once. So I always want them to stay present so they can remember the moment as much as possible.

The proposal engagement photo session doesn’t have to be your one and only engagement session. They can very well be, but sometimes the one getting proposed to is not dressed or ready for the camera just yet. IE. their nails aren’t done or they wanted to wear something else to use for their save the date card. So know that you can always have another engagement or couple photo session. I saw this so you can avoid stressing out so much if you want to make sure every detail is perfect. If he or she isn’t one to get their nails done and you are pressuring them to do so, they might think something is happening and could ruin the surprise. So do as much as you can to prepare but just enjoy the proposal aspect of it.


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