Balboa Park Men’s Fashion Lifestyle Photos | JP Cervantes

January 22, 2022

Balboa Park Men’s Fashion Lifestyle Photos | JP Cervantes

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I like to create stories with wardrobe. I sometimes give the outfit a name, whether a descriptor or a known person. This helps me set the tone and mood for the photos. I do this a lot with JP Cervantes. Its always a great and creative time shooting with him. We have done a couple shoots together. When we schedule a session, I always like to ask him for a moldboard and photos of the outfits he plans on wearing. This helps me suggest locations and give feedback on the outfits. In this Balboa Park Men’s Fashion Lifestyle Photos | JP Cervantes knocked it out of the park! He wanted a more mature and sophisticated look and he surpassed it!

When doing fashion shoots or creating content for influencers, try to keep each outfit to 15 min. Once you have established a working relationship with your client, you will notice you will get the shot more efficiently. The more comfortable your subject is with you, the better the creative flow.

As JP had mentioned he wanted a more sophisticated look and sent me a mood board with images of mens portraits against backdrops such as doors, bricks, a very urban look. I quickly imagines Balboa Park. It has such diverse backdrops and architecture that lets you play with lines. It takes me back to European cities and that is the creative direction we wanted. When JP put on that trench coat, I instantly told him he was channeling Marlon Brando. And he became him!

It’s a good idea to ask your client if he or she will need space in their photos to add text or not. Furthermore, you should also ask if they need more vertical or horizontal photos. If they are going to use these for stories too. This way you are creating content that will be useful for them. A good time to ask if before the shoot, on the creative call.


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