La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Isa + Matt

September 2, 2022

La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Isa + Matt

As a San Diego engagement photographer, there is nothing more satisfying than shooting that romantic sunset session on the beautiful La Jolla cliffs backdrop! The tide was on it’s way up which made for some challenges. Challenges are a good thing when you are a photographer, because it makes you look at things from a different perspective. I have photographed at this beautiful La Jolla cliffs location, and during this La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Isa + Matt, I was able to take the challenge of the high tide and shoot from new perspectives. It turned out better than what I could have expected.

To think I was almost going to take the second half of this session to another beach. I wanted to make sure they could get their toes in the sand. Glad I last second decided to make the cliffs work. Also I was able to find another way for them to walk down to the sand that was a lot more feasible. There was a little bit of sand exposed, so I wanted to take advantage of that with them as much and quickly as possible.

When photographing on cliffs, I would advise your clients to remove their footwear. I don’t trust sandals on rocks. You get a better grip when barefoot. Always ask your clients if they feel comfortable. You don’t want to go beyond their comfort zone, too much. Safety is always first! I always like to test the spot first before I have them go to it. So I will walk to the location and look for any slippery spots or potentially dangerous things. Once I have walked and approved it, then I ask the clients if they are ok with it too. Always keep in mind that a wave can come out of nowhere, so always keep an eye out.



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