La Jolla Beach Elopement | K + T

May 24, 2023

La Jolla Beach Elopement | K + T

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I also get opportunities to photograph San Diego elopements. What I love about both of these ceremonies is that they are intimate and the focus stays on the couple. Wedding stress gets significantly decreased! A win for the couple. Planning a formal all day wedding event can feel very overwhelming. On the other hand, a San Diego civil wedding or elopement can feel a lot more fun with a lot less worry! You can do a ceremony at a park or beach or even a home! Then you can pick another location or use the same for your family portraits and formal couple portraits. Then you can either take the party home or celebrate at a restaurant! With a smaller guest list, you can actually engage with your close friends and family! In these La Jolla Beach Elopement | K + T flew over from Canada for their San Diego destination elopement!

Late spring weddings and early summer elopements do come with a slight risk of overcast weather. This is specifically if you plan on having your celebration coastal. That doesn’t mean you still can’t have a beautiful day! Just prepare for starting a bit earlier than sunset. When it’s overcast, you don’t have to base it around magic hour light. You can start a little earlier.

While on the topic of timelines, I photograph elopements between 2-4 hours. These can also be called micro weddings. The two hours is for the ceremony, 30 minutes. Then friends and family portraits, another 30 minutes. Ending with the formal couple portraits. This is at a minimum. They have the option to either add time on the front end or back end. On the front end is if they want more of the individual portraits with friends and family or perhaps a first look. The back end would be to capture any of the reception activities.



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