La Jolla Beach Couples Photos | Rachael + Ben

September 23, 2021

La Jolla Beach Couples Photos | Rachael + Ben

As a San Diego couples photographer, we love brining couples to beautiful and romantic places in San Diego. Although there are a lot here, nothing beats a San Diego sunset at the beach! There are so many beaches to choose from! For this La Jolla Beach Couples Photos | Rachael + Ben wanted a beach. I suggested we go to Hogan’s. It’s a low key and local small beach with lots of rocks and reefs. It’s best enjoyed during low tide, so definitely check the tide calendar beforehand. When you have clients that get shy in front of the camera, it’s a great location so they don’t feel so many eyes on them.

When shooting here, I would let your couples know that they will most likely be barefoot. It is much easier to walk the rocks and cliff areas barefoot. You definitely don’t want anyone to fall. If you do shoot there during high tide or higher tide, do be mindful of the waves crashing up on the rocks. It can get slippery. I always walk the path I want my clients to before them. I like to test it out for them and then guide them through the area. Tips are always offered when walking around, like the black slippery rock areas, etc. You can never be too careful!

If you plan on doing any seated photos, I would suggest asking your client if they are ok to sit on their clothes or if they would prefer to bring a blanket. Blankets should be minimal and not distracting. Unless they are wearing solid outfits and the blanket is meant to accessorize, then go to town. Try recommending a color that matches whatever ground they are going to sit on in an effort to camouflage the blanket.



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