Julian Engagement Proposal Photos | Z + S

December 2, 2021

Julian Engagement Proposal Photos | Z + S

As a San Diego engagement and a San Diego wedding photographer, I always enjoy the first step and that is capturing the wedding proposal! So far all of the proposals I have captured have been at the beach, it was fun to switch it out and enjoy the woods of San Diego. In this Julian Engagement Proposal Photos | Z + S had a beautiful, picturesque backdrop filled with fields and trees! Julian is just a short drive outside of San Diego that completely makes you feel like you are in another part of the country.

The set up was so romantic. They had a picnic under some beautiful trees. We had planned for me to show up 30 min into their picnic. As I always do for my sessions, I arrived early. I didn’t want to arrive too early, meaning before them. Right when I saw the parking area I saw them walking out of their car. I drove by, gave them a few minutes then turned around and parked, making sure they didn’t see me. I waiting in the car and prepared for the session.

Ideally, shooting in the early morning or sunset is the best time to photograph due to lighting. You don’t always get those options and when you are shooting someones proposal, you want to work with them and their vision. Rest assured there is always a solution. In discussing the location, it was clear that there would be a lot of tree coverage. Mid morning sessions are still doable cause the sun still can be behind the subject. When shooting high noon, then it is definitely needed to have some kind of coverage.

Engagement proposals are so fun! There is so much excitement and gush love going around! It’s so nice and touching to be able to partake in that and capture one of the best moments in people’s lives.


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