Torrey Pines Beach Family Photos: Colleen + Colin

November 19, 2019

Torrey Pines Beach Family Photos: Colleen + Colin

Fall family portrait sessions are in full effect! I went from wedding season straight into family portrait season! The fun don’t stop till like Jan 2! The fun never stops, but my back gets to rest a little 😉 Being San Diego family photographer is so fun! Especially when you get your repeat clients and you get to see how their family grows! These family photos: Torrey Pines Beach brought back memories as I used to go there a lot as a kid with my family!

There was this stretch of rocks along the coast. I immediately paused and said, do you guys mind sitting on the rocks? If it’s uncomfortable please tell me. I never want my clients to feel forced to participate in an idea that they don’t feel comfortable. Like some people want beach family photos but that doesn’t mean they want to frolic in the water and get all wet. So always ask 🙂

In this case, they were totally open to getting their feet wet! Which is always fun because you get to have more fun and candid photos when they start to play in the water. Plus I love seeing the reaction of the kids when they get to play in the water. A photo tip though, always get the MONEY shot first of the family together before you release the kid/s into the water because I am 99% sure they will get their outfits wet!

Now that daylight savings is in effect the magic hour light goes quick! So make sure to always buffer a little extra time for your clients to find parking and in case they are running late. I only worry about this when I do evening shoots, for morning shoots obviously no problem. I love doing morning shoots too, easier on the babies and toddlers 🙂



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