Table Tops, Solana Beach Family Photos | Mica + Scott

July 30, 2019

Table Tops, Solana Beach Family Photos | Mica + Scott

When 3 become 4! I love being a San Diego family photographer, especially when my clients continue to shoot with me year after year for their family portraits as I get to see how their family grows. Here my clients welcomed their new little boy! He is just 6 months! We shot at Table Tops in Solana Beach. Her kids are wearing the sought after children brand Wild Wawa.

I have been shooting this family since their first maternity shoot! To now see them with 2 kids, is just an awesome feeling! If you haven’t been to tabletops, it’s worth going. The ocean is kid friendly, this little toddler loved to go boogie boarding (obviously not during this shoot).

I definitely had to take my cameras in to get cleaned after this shoot. There was so much excitement on the beach that sand got everywhere! I recently became a member of Canon Professional Services! They are so helpful and so reliable. I had like 3 questions during the sign up process and every time I called, someone would answer the phone almost immediately!

Being a CPS member, a gold member to be exact, I can take up to 5 pieces of equipment to get cleaned and maintained! It’s such a great deal and definitely keeps me accountable to make sure I take the greatest care of my gear. Which is super important! You want your gear to be able to last and be in good quality. Our equipment is expensive and does wear and tear over time, so I hope keeping them cleaned and maintained yearly, I protect my equipment investment.

If I may mention again, I am so happy the sunshine if finally here to stay! I was missing that magic hour during San Diego’s June gloom! I also want to put out there that I am also a Los Angeles Family Photographer and OC family photographer as I am available to shoot all over Southern California. So feel free to reach out, there are so many beautiful beaches along the California coast!

Toddlers clothing: Wild Wawa



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