Swami’s Beach Encinitas Family Photos

November 16, 2018

Swami’s Beach Encinitas Family Photos

I’ll admit it, sometimes I get stuck in my beach bubble. For good reasons of course. Today’s family photos: Swami’s Beach, Encinitas. I hadn’t been to Swami’s Beach in awhile, so I was happy when my San Diego family wanted to shoot their family portraits there this past weekend. We did a magic hour shoot. Before taking the long stairs down to the beach, I snapped a few photos up above to get the palm trees. You know I love to get a variety of backgrounds.

Are they not the cutest family ever! When she arrived to the shoot she mentioned that her baby boy hadn’t napped all day! Maybe two 20 minute naps and that’s it! I was worried he might be cranky, but instead he was super chill, to the point of falling asleep half way through the shoot. Pretty adorable! We did get him to laugh at many of the photos!

There are so many great spots to shoot at at Swami’s! Fortunately for us, the tide was super low so we were able to walk on the tide pools. BE VERY CAREFUL when walking on the tide pools as they can be slippery! Especially when carrying a baby or two very heavy cameras! Would not want to slip n slide in the middle of the shoot!

The sunlight was just right and gave a nice warm and romantic feel to the portraits. The weather was still warm, so the ladies could sport their nice dresses! They were all great sports about putting their feet in the water! it was crips, but they got used it after a minute.

We played around with different groupings. The sunlight was going down fast and even faster because there were clouds in the horizon. We were able to get all the shots in just in time and even set aside a few minutes for mom and dad to feel more like husband and wife and snap a few portraits of them. These will make for great holiday cards!




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