Scripps Beach Family Photos | Vidi + Brian

January 11, 2019

Scripps Beach Family Photos | Vidi + Brian

I always mention how I love photographing my same clients year after year or life event after life event! I had the pleasure of shooting this family since the first maternity shoot they ever had! These family photos: Scripps Beach, San Diego is so special as now they have to beautiful boys!

Winter shoots are really quite beautiful as the sunlight is bit more romantic and whimsical! We shot at their favorite spot, Scripps Beach, as that is where we have shot ALL of their family shoots. It will be amazing to see the collection of photos over the years at the same spot!

I love watching them all interact and see how they get more and more comfortable being parents as each child grows older. It’s fun to also see how the littles one’s personality starts to stand out more and more!

Dads always get the bad rap of not wanting to participate in family photos or photos in general, so I would like to give a shout out here to my client who loves his family and loves being in photos with them! All of these father / sons photos are just so precious and I know they will always cherish them! The light truly was magical! I am all about the winter photoshoots! It’s a special golden light!

The toddler started out all smiles, but as the session continues it started to wear off. So we had to be super creative, and super patient, to maintain his adorable smile! They are such an adorable family! These were shot in early December and I was able to get them the photos the next day so they could make their holiday card deadline!



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