Belmont Park Mission Beach Family Photos | Kristin + James

July 10, 2019

Belmont Park Mission Beach Family Photos | Kristin + James

What comes to mind when you think of summer in San Diego? The beach, the views, the surf, and of course Belmont Park in Mission Beach! So imagine my excitement when I had a client inquire about doing a San Diego family photo shoot at Belmont Park!! Definitely something different than my usual beach shoots (which of course I love) but I was stoked to shoot somewhere with so many different elements!

Now you are probably wondering, weren’t there a lot of people? The answer…. YES!! And it was a Monday!!! But when it’s summer, everyday is like a Saturday! We started late morning, would have been better early morning, for light and less people, but then you have to also be able to go on the rides and play the games. You can make it work though! Just wait for people to walk by, and be creative with your shots.

Since Belmont Park was going to be loaded with colors and textures, I suggested to the families to wear neutral and muted colors. This way the subjects wouldn’t compete with the backdrops. To my surprise, Belmont Park had lots of fun art murals! Who doesn’t love a great wall mural. San Diego is full or art murals!

I forgot how much kids love sand! Oops! I had them sit in the sand in front of this mural and forget about it, their focus was completely on the sand! They were so focused on it! It took probably 3 or all 4 adult parents to try to get their attention! The grandparents sat this one out 🙂 Now, as an adult, I see how gross it is to just sit in this sand where I am sure a ton of kids have sat in and played in and tried to eat it. As a kid, of course, you don’t care. But we got some cute shots out of it! Just be prepared with your baby wipes 😉

Don’t forget to enjoy the food! Makes for some fun lifestyle shots as well!

Kids eating ice cream must be one of the cutest things ever! I should do a whole photo series of toddlers and babies eating ice cream! I just loved this checkered floor!

Looks like they are building a really huge gym with a gigantic pool at FIT located at Belmont Park! Gave us some clean backgrounds for some portraits. A huge change from the carnival theme.



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