Carlsbad Flower Fields Maternity Shoot | Tara + Kevin

May 22, 2022

Carlsbad Flower Fields Maternity Shoot | Tara + Kevin

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I love when I get the chance to photograph at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. It happens once a year for about 2 -3 months. Sometimes it gets extended, depending on the bloom. There are so many different colors of tulips and flowers all around! In this Carlsbad Flower Fields Maternity Shoot | Tara + Kevin went back to the very place where they said “I do”. They were so excited to be able to relive their wedding day with this new chapter in their life!

When your client wants to have their session at the Carlsbad flower fields, you may want to guide them on time slots. Normally the fields are open from 9am to 6pm. You want to check the sunset times and see which spring date is as close to the closing time as possible. I usually have my clients book the 5pm time slot. I have also done the morning session, in which case you want them to book the very first time slot.

There are so many colors at the flower fields. You can either try to visit all the different colors or stick to one shade. Totally up to your clients. If they do want to stick to one color then they can dress accordingly. When they are unsure, it is always safe to have your client choose white or blue denim. In this session, Tara wanted to stick with the pink tulips.

Besides the fields and fields of tulips, don’t forget the garden area at the entrance of the location. With beautiful arches of flowers and lovely pathways, you will offer a nice diversity of backdrops for your clients. Plus it offers great lighting opportunities by providing shade and diffusion of light. You are so exposed to the sunlight where the tulips are that it is a nice break.



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