1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos | Rory

September 28, 2019

1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos | Rory

This was my very first smash the cake or cake smash birthday photoshoot! I don’t know which is the proper way to say it! It was extra special because it was my childhood best friend’s son’s first one too! These family photos: 1st birthday cake smash was shot at their home in Venice, California. The cake was beautifully baked and decorated by Jodi. We all wanted to make Rory’s first birthday a special one!

The look on his face!!! I can’t it’s just too funny!!! The set up in her backyard was beyond adorable!!! She goes these huge balloons, with the under the sea theme, and then the basic primary colored balloons. It was just perfect!! Then with Jodi’s cake, she went above and beyond!! It was so beautiful we felt bad that it was going to get smashed!!

We couldn’t get his adorable outfits dirty with cake, so when he was down to his diaper we let him go at the cake. The real secret to getting him to eat the cake? We put pieces of quesadilla on it, a recent food discovery for him! Meanwhile, his mom and I went at the cake like it was our birthday!! It was soooo good! Funfetti with a sprinkle lava in the middle! TOP!

So I later learned that this second outfit that Rory is wearing was actually his fathers baby outfit when they were the same exact age!! How cute is that! I think it’s awesome that they have kept this over the years and I hope Rory continues the tradition! I even have a green velvet dress from when I was like 8 years old that I was utterly obsessed with!! I would always want to wear it! It’s sweet to keep things like that!


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