ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Pier

March 19, 2019

ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Pier

This was a fun San Diego engagement shoot I did as my clients are from out of town. I will be shooting their destination wedding this Fall! It was great to finally meet them in person and be able to shoot their engagement photos: Scripps Pier, as they don’t have an ocean nearby!

When you think about it, it’s kind of a fun, weird job that we photographers have. We literally meet someone or a couple or more, and then get super intimate with them and basically tell them to make out in front of us A LOT!

Right? Just think about that for a second… It’s kinda funny. But seriously, we are trusted with so much! Especially on the wedding day! You literally get one shot! No room for error! That is what makes our job so special! We are literally in a stranger’s inner most circle for a day or two!

So how do you make this, what could be awkward moment, not awkward? Easy, just make them laugh! Have a chat with them. It’s not like you are shooting in silence and they are just staring down your lens! NOW THAT IS AWKWARD! I’m always having a conversation with my clients while shooting. With interruptions of photo direction of course 🙂

Do you get a little camera shy? No pun intended, lol. Well then ask them how they met, or what made them fall in love with one another. It will help you learn more about them and it will get them in the lovey dovey mood which is exactly the mood you want for these romantic shots you are taking of your clients!

Scripps Beach is a great place, as I have mentioned countless times, they have the best to offer as far as backdrops! Whether it’s cliffs and rocks or Spanish moss and ocean pier! You get a lot out of this place! The tide was low which was great. ALWAYS make sure to check the tide before shooting at the beach!



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