ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Beach + Woods

July 12, 2019

ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Beach + Woods

What an amazing San Diego engagement photo session! I felt like we took a trip around the world! These San Diego engagement photos: Scripps Beach + Woods were so much fun! I am shooting this couple’s wedding next month in Big Bear. It was during the June gloom, but we still got some beautiful engagement photos out of it!

You wouldn’t be able to tell that they were a but nervous at first. They are so natural in front of the camera and I am a pretty funny comedian 😉 I always like to put my clients at ease when they are in front of my camera. I gently direct their heads and bodies to get the best angle out of them. I never want you to think this is going to be a silent shoot, no no, there is plenty of conversation so that you forget I am even shooting you.

Some easy tips for preparing for your engagement photoshoot: get your nails done, what a great excuse to treat yourself! Wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in! I always encourage my clients to bring two outfits. I always offer suggestions on color and print, but at the end of the day its whatever you feel like you in. I want to photograph your guys’ real and raw relationship. So definitely dress like you, but of course you can always add some pizzazz 😉

I mean, to get trees like this and be so close to the ocean is definitely a fortunate thing that I am so very grateful for! This allows me to give my clients a diverse array of backgrounds in a very close radius. Can’t decide between a beach shoot or a forest shoot? No problem, I know where you can get both!



[…] in the wooded area above Scripps Beach near UCSD. I have done a few photoshoots here, maternity, engagement, etc. For the past 3 years though I had been wanting to shoot at this talked about […]


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