ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Beach, Scripps Swing

October 25, 2019

ENGAGEMENT photos: Scripps Beach, Scripps Swing

This was a last minute San Diego engagement photo session. Originally the couple just wanted to hire me as a wedding photographer, but 2 weeks before the bride decided she wanted engagement photos too! I was all about it! I love shooting engagement photos because it gives all of us a chance to get to know one another and a rehearsal to the big wedding photo day! These engagement photos: Scripps Beach, Scripps Swing and also the wooded area by UCSD was the perfect blend of beach and forest vibe which is what the bride wanted. I was so excited to shoot the La Jolla Swing again!

We started with the wooded area since it was bright and we could use the trees for coverage. The bride and groom to be brought multiple outfits so I knew it was going to be fun to create different moods during the session. It’s important to make your clients feel comfortable. So when you shoot them for the first time, talk to them, have conversations with them, show them what you want them to do… most importantly be silly so they laugh and feel at ease. This will help them be prepared for their big day. These two are getting married at Bali Hai!

You can’t tell by the photos but there were family portrait sessions happening next to us. It’s so fun how the way you frame a photo can give the illusion of other things. That’s the power of photography! You see what the photographer wants you to see.

The couple had just bought a VW van, super vintage feel so I wanted to give these photos that same feel when editing. So I added warm light leaks to the photos. I am a huge fan of light leaks. I loved the orange tone of these trees so I thought the warm tone of the light leaks would go well too. This was such a fun San Diego engagement session!



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