ENGAGEMENT photos: Harrah’s Hotel + Casino

November 7, 2018

ENGAGEMENT photos: Harrah’s Hotel + Casino

Feeding two birds with one hand on this shoot. Clients had a Marine Corps gala to attend this past week and they thought since they were already going to be all dressed up why not do theirĀ engagement photos: Harrah’s Hotel + Casino as well! Great idea šŸ™‚ I had never been to Harrah’s Hotel + CasinoHarrah’s Hotel + CasinoĀ so it was nice to visit somewhere new.

We didn’t have much time and so we shot at the hotel itself. Unfortunately the pool area was too full to shoot there. The clients requested I shoot at the garden patio area. There were palm trees, market lights and the background was the mountains. So we began to shoot away.

They are such a cute couple and were so easy to work with. They followed direction really well. The bride to be had a beautiful natural smile and her fiancee was ready on cue to give that GQ look. Their best photos were their candid laughing photos!

Her dress was so elegant and beautiful! You can never go wrong with a long black dress! With her retro hair style it made me feel like we were traveling back in time. Can you believe it was her first time trying out that hair do on her own!! What a champ!! I think she mentioned the trick was to curl the right side away from you and the left side towards you. And then of course tons and tons of hairspray. I wish I had that talent!

What a beautiful couple! Thankful for his services. It’s always a pleasure working with such a friendly couple who get along so well and warm up to you. You really need to feel a connection with your subjects, helps put them at ease.




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