ENGAGEMENT photos: La Jolla Cove

June 22, 2019

ENGAGEMENT photos: La Jolla Cove

I love shooting engagement photos! It’s such a fun way to bond with your wedding clients before their big day! Also a helpful way to learn their good sides and angles 😉 For these San Diego engagement photos: La Jolla Cove provided us with the most epic views and backdrops!! I had so much fun with my future San Diego bride and groom!

We started shooting probably after 3 minutes of meeting in person for the first time. Sometimes it’s like jumping into the ocean, you gotta just go and do it fast. Plus, it was super overcast and I wanted to get as much bright light as possible before the dark gray clouds would roll in!

Now don’t worry, I will be chatting with you the whole time to avoid making it awkward. I mean I totally understand how weird it is to meet someone and then in for the next hour ask them to make out and flirt. It’s kind of hilarious if you think about it, so I crack jokes throughout the whole session so you are just having a fun and entertaining time. Dad jokes included 😉

I love couples where the guy is super tall and the girl is super short! I mean look how cute they interact with one another! I eat them up!

I began shooting them on the stair case because that area had a lot of tree coverage so I wanted to make sure we knocked that out first with the most light, as we were going to loose it fast! Also, a great way to get the engagement ring shots 😉 I carefully climbed on to the railing so I can get the best shot from above. Their laughing photos is from watching me balance like a circus act! Enjoy the rest of the photos as we walked around the trail!


ENGAGEMENT photos: La Jolla Cove


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