Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Fall 2019 Sweaters

September 9, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Fall 2019 Sweaters

Fall is upon us and that means chunky knits and hot beverages! I got to shoot some of PinkBlush‘s fall maternity collection this past month! So many great pieces to choose from. These commercial photos: PinkBlush Fall 2019 Sweaters were shot at this amazing garden and farm off Old Hwy 80.

This place was great and had so many flowers, garden areas and cafe. As I was scouting around I came across this abandoned truck and I absolutely fell in love! I knew we had to shoot here and pretty soon as the sun was coming up strong this morning!

With the neutral colored outfit we felt it was the perfect outfit to place here. As a back up though I did shoot it in front of these green leaves that were also really beautiful. We just needed to maintain a fall look for these photos. The location had a pumpkin patch but it was in its very early stages.

I absolutely want to come back to this location and shoot again, and see if the pumpkin patch area has grown. Shooting during magic hour will give it a moody feel for fall, now that we are entering fall season. I always love shooting in the fall, there is something about the sunlight that makes it extra magical.

I shot these with my two Canon 5D Mark iii bodies and two lenses: 35mm and 70-200mm. I love shooting with these two lenses because I can get a nice wide shot and then quickly get an upclose portrait. Yes it’s more weight on the body but this way I never have to worry about missing a shot. It gives me peace of mind to know I have them both super accessible. I use the holdfast straps as my harness.


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