UCSD Grad Portraits | Christina

June 21, 2022

UCSD Grad Portraits | Christina

As a San Diego senior grad portrait photographer, I love making my clients feel like their session is the cherry on top of graduating! I want them to start celebrating during the session. To relax, and feel good about their accomplishments! In this UCSD Grad Portraits | Christina want to split up the session among the campus and the nearby wooded area. The Geisel Library is a popular site for grad portraits. Make sure to scout out the area first so you know exactly where you want to take the photos. This way when you arrive you know where you want and avoid losing time wandering around.

When the sun is shining, it hits the Geisel library to create some sun flares. So I always like to start on campus before heading to the woods or the beach. As the sun will duck down behind the trees and building. You can balance the light that way. Also, better, if possible, if you can schedule your session during the week. It can help alleviate some of the crowds. May is a very popular time! April is better to schedule the session, if possible.

When shooting grad portraits, its always a good idea to shoot a variety of clothing options. Meaning, with the grad robe and cap, with just the sash, and with their outfit. That way they can use some of the photos as simple portraits and not just grad related. Remind them of that so they choose a cute outfit they would like to be photographed in. Also let them know that they don’t have to wear the cap if they don’t want to. They can hold it or use it as a prop next to them. They are free to do as they please of course!



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