Cuvier Park Family Photos | Vejar

December 15, 2020

Cuvier Park Family Photos | Vejar

As a San Diego wedding photographer, you become very familiar with Cuvier Park, also known as The Wedding Bowl. It’s ocean views and lush green landscapes makes this one of the most sought out places to get married. Why stop there? Lately I have been using this San Diego wedding venue as a family portrait location too! These Cuvier Park family photos | Vejar were such a blast and got lots of different backdrops!

Lately I have had a lot of family portraits including grandparents as well. I think it’s awesome because there is nothing cuter than the relationship between grandparents and grandkids. Also, I love being able to shoot the three generation photo. I am very nostalgic and it doesn’t get better than that!

This was shot on a weekend day and we were lucky that there weren’t that many people. The more shoots you can do on the weekdays, the better. Considering it’s winter season though, weekends are a little easier than usual.

Earlier I mentioned how I am such a nostalgic person. So I was so excited when the grandmother told me she had a blanket that her mother had quilted and wanted it in the photos. I was all about it!

The tide wasn’t that low but we still had lots of sand to work with. I had everyone do some walks along the shore. Then when I had the primary family and their son walking along the water a wave came out of nowhere and they started running! This was the moment I won the son over and he loved the photo session! He had a smile from ear to ear as he loves the ocean! He thought the experience was hilarious and I was ready with camera in hand to take those candids!


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