Cuvier Park Family Photos | Maria + Barry

December 18, 2020

Cuvier Park Family Photos | Maria + Barry

As a San Diego wedding photographer, it’s such a treat when we get to continue being a part of our clients lives when we become their family photographer too! In these Cuvier Park Family Photos | Maria + Barry, former wedding clients, introduced me to their son! We are in full fall family portrait season, so I was happy we scheduled on a weekday at Cuvier Park. It was Calvin’s first family portrait shoot and he did great!

Cuvier Park, also known as The Wedding Bowl, is very well known as a San Diego wedding venue. It’s also a great location for family photos though! There are so many diverse backdrops that make it seem like you went to a billion different places in one session. Whether it’s early morning or sunset session, it’s always a great spot! Weekdays are definitely a bonus as there are less people. As Cuvier Park is located at La Jolla Cove, it’s a hot spot for tourists as well as locals enjoying.

It was such a beautiful sunset that evening and the the was super low. That’s the best combination. Low tide is awesome because you are able to get the tide pools and beautiful backdrops. Unfortunately Calvin wasn’t at the age to go play in the tide pools but hopefully next year! Also, be very careful when walking around the tide pools as the moss can be very slippery!

It has been such a fun fall family portrait season this year. Despite current events, it was great to see families coming together and capturing these extra special memories. Of course no covid photo session is complete without a mask photo. Luckily during the shoot we barely had anyone nearby. The perks of shooting during the week. The more weekday shoots, the better!



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