Lifestyle Lookbook Photos | Wild Wawa Spring Summer 2019

March 22, 2019

Lifestyle Lookbook Photos | Wild Wawa Spring Summer 2019

Shooting a children’s clothing line can be challenging, but it is always guaranteed with lots of laughter. Shooting these commercial photos: Wild Wawa Spring Summer 2019 came with a lot of preparation. We learned from the previous shoot, Fall Winter 2018, that the more the prep, the smoother the shoot.

Rainbows were represented throughout the collection, whether on accessories like pillows or on the clothing. Rainbows are very spring as we all always try to find one after a rain! I’m sure these kids would like to look for skittles at the end of the rainbow 😉

We learned that toddlers and babies had different attention span, duh right. So definitely stagger the groupings and have the other look on deck ready to go. This was, as the photographer you can constantly be shooting and not miss the light. It’s definitely more efficient. I highly recommend labeling all the outfits by model name and number of order, on top of that the group order too!

I can’t decide which is cuter. The baby and toddler overalls, or the onesies!! I love how the outfits are available in both baby size and toddler size cause I know all those parents out there would love to sometimes dress up the siblings in matching outfits 🙂

Wild Wawa really takes in to detail prints and little added flares to each of these outfits. Whether it’s a scarf, a bow, it really makes these outfits standout. There is a good variation of neutral colors and also bright and fun colors.

Another tip when shooting these youngsters, have snacks!! I mean duh, always feed the model, but I mean have snacks in your pouch or in their parents hand (who are probably standing behind you) and do a little bribery for that smile 😉


Fall Winter 2018
Spring Summer 2019


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