Downtown San Diego Lifestyle Photos | JP Cervantes

November 19, 2020

Downtown San Diego Lifestyle Photos | JP Cervantes

As a San Diego music photographer, I love creating content for these artists. I got to work again with singer JP Cervantes, this time we shot in Downtown San Diego, our last session was in Little Italy. I went a few days before to scout out downtown was looking like and fond some amazing walls to shoot JP in front of. He had sent me his outfits beforehand, this way I could match the looks with the walls.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to scout your location before shooting. Even if you have shot there before, you never know if there have been any changes. Especially when shooting in a city, walls can be painted or boarded up. You want to make sure you are prepared as it shows great professionalism towards your client.

These downtown San Diego lifestyle photos | JP Cervantes we shot in the morning. It was overcast that morning so it was a little dark in the first shots, but then as the morning continued we got nice even light. Shooting in the morning, especially when shooting in the city, is a great time because everyone is inside at work. Although with COVID, many people are not out anyways.

Many of the outfits JP wore are from ZARA. I love the pops of color and the monochromatic look. The last shoot we did, JP had blonde curls, for this shoot, I was loving the pink hair. So besides the outfits, I was also taking his hair color into consideration while I was scouting. The more you can prepare for your shoot, the better. You can always make changes throughout the shoot, but to have some kind of a plan will put you at ease the day of.


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