Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Athleisure

March 18, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Athleisure

Who says you can’t look cute while feeling comfortable. That is why the term ATHLEISURE was created! For this post, commercial photos: PinkBlush Athleisure, we took a nature trail to shoot this look! Fashion model Marina Laswick shows you how you can work out, or dress casually, while still feeling stylish.

Now that we are in this transitional weather season, layers and accessories are essential! This beanie is awesome! It’s a great color, beige, that goes with everything!

If you like to wear messages on your clothes, than this is your go to top for sure! Good Vibes all around! The material is so soft you won’t want to take it off! You might even make it your pajama sweater!! I made sure to capture the detail on the sleeve, which is kind of a puff sleeve. When shooting fashion campaigns, you always have to remember how would this article of clothing jump out at someone and make them want it.

As I am sure you have heard, the California super bloom is in full effect. We had full green foliage during this shoot. Major spring vibes! Would be great to do a shoot during the super bloom! Of course being very mindful of the poppies and not hurting them in order to get the shoot. There are plenty of shots to capture along the trail! As you have seen in the previous post with Verina at Lake Elsinore for the poppies super bloom.

There were so many spots on this trail to shoot. That is what I love about shooting outdoors and with natural light. You have an abundance of textures and lighting and colors. It forces you to find a spot and compose the perfect shot given your surroundings and current weather! It’s great training to think on your feet and know your camera settings.


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