Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

April 16, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Maternity Clothes

It seems like spring is a popular time for maternity sessions! I always get asked for suggestions as to what to wear for a maternity shoot. I always suggest looking online on Amazon and PinkBlush. Today’s commercial photos: PinkBlush Maternity Clothes offers a variety of outfits to wear for your maternity photo session.

PinkBlush is a great resource for transitional maternity wear as well! Just because the baby is born doesn’t mean you have to put those clothes away! You can totally continue to wear it, which makes your dollar go a lot further! Plus if you really grow attached to an article of clothing, which many of us do, me included, you can find relief in knowing that you are always meant to wear it, baby or sans baby 🙂

Can we talk about how comfortable this jumper looks! Such a great basic to have in your closet! So easy to dress up and down! Fun sandals or sexy stilettos, the choice is yours 🙂 Love the touch of long necklaces! Use them now! Once you have your baby, you know he or she is going to want to pull on them!

Still have fun with accessories when you are preggo! Hats always spruce up an outfit. And it helps protect you from the sun too. I have heard that some women get more sensitive to the sunlight while pregnant. So be mindful of that. I love the color blue on the dress below! Such a pop of color that may even take away the attention from the baby bump 😉 I love how it has flow and move with you as you go about your day.

Looking for something more casual, you have some legging options with a comfy throw cardigan . Want to have a nice work outfit or dinner date, you can still wear pencil skirts! You don’t always have to feel like when you are pregnant you can only wear leggings.


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