San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa SS23D2

March 22, 2023

San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa SS23D2

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love the opportunity of bringing brand to life visually through photos. Fashion brands find it more appealing to their customers when they can see the clothing they are selling on models. It helps make the sale. Seeing the clothes in movement, seeing how they look in the light is definitely influential. Wild Wawa is a longtime client of mine. With every shoot, I still get excited to see what amazing new clothes they have designed for the youngsters! They do an amazing job at staying true to their brand identity. It is my job to translate that into the photos. In these San Diego Children’s Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa SS23D2 we went to San Dieguito Park.

This session was adorable as this drop highlights Spring and Easter. So they had the cutest props consisting of gorgeous flowers of course and easter eggs! They kids LOVED the easter eggs! When photographing young kids and babies, the more props you have the better. The best shots are the candid ones. To get those candid shots, you need to have activities for the kids to do. You need to tap into what is fun for them. Nothing makes a kid smile like easter eggs!

When photographing babies or young kids who are still potty training. If they are modeling clothing, I would strongly suggest getting baby briefs that are neutral color. Diapers come in all different colors and patterns. This makes them appealing to the little ones. The last thing you want though, is to have them see through with the clothes you are photographing. So always make sure to have enough for every talent and the appropriate size. You will save yourself so much time in editing!


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