Lifestyle Photos: SOVRN Republic Backpacks

April 21, 2019

Lifestyle photos | SOVRN Republic Backpacks

Thanks to instagram, I can search for San Diego based brands that resonate with me and I feel I can capture their identity on camera. I came across SOVRN Republic Backpacks and I could totally relate to the surf / action sports travel identity. I grew up on the beach and worked in the surf industry. A lot of their visual content shows their backpacks and travel packs out in nature, so I wanted to reach out to them with a different approach. So today’s lifestyle photos: SOVRN Republic Backpacks.

That’s right! A city approach! I had a trip already planned to go to Paris with my mom, so I thought what better opportunity for me to shoot and for them to expose their product worldwide. They of course, already had global exposure, and have had sales abroad, but I thought it would break up the pattern of beach/ nature shots.

Parisian streets are definitely beautiful to shoot in and makes everything looks good! I love the bold color burgundy of the backpack against the grey cobblestone streets. It definitely makes a bold statement. In addition to the copper colored coat! Love the whole combo!

Another thing I discussed with SOVRGN is that the majority of their backpacks are showcased as backpacks when actually they are hybrids and can be used like a briefcase! SO I definitely wanted to expose, no pun intended, this versatility!

Their bags are great for travel as they have different compartment and safely secured compartments. It is also a bag you can use for your everyday life and work. You can go from the beach to work or work to the skate park. It’s very adaptable and comes in different colors.

I used the bag while I was flying and you can definitely use it as a carry-on for those of you curious about the size. I would definitely check out their website to see what size and color works for you.


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