BEACH ELOPEMENT: Little Point |Abby + Jeff

January 10, 2020

BEACH ELOPEMENT: Little Point |Abby + Jeff

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. An Elopement is an intimate wedding where the focus is on the couple. An Elopement can be just the couple themselves or they can also be surrounded by a few loved ones, no more than 15. This makes for a very cozy and intentional celebration. You and your partner get to focus on exchanging your vows the exact way you always wanted and felt comfortable doing. For Abby + Jeff, this was a San Diego Destination beach wedding!

Abby reached out to me about 6 weeks before her elopement date. Her + Jeff, along with their closest family and friends, were flying out from Chicago! Jeff had spent time in San Diego before and knew of its beauty! I mean where else can you do a destination winter elopement with summer weather in the northern hemisphere. This was my first wedding of the new year and new decade! I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend it!

So how does one elope on the beaches of Southern California? You contact the city to get a permit to wed on the beach. Winter time is great as the weather is fabulous and there aren’t that many people. The whole setting was very intimate. I grew up in this area so I was able to assist Abby in finalizing the location. Since her and Jeff were in Chicago, I facetime’d them to show them the suggestions I had in mind. They instantly fell in love with the place. I was so happy that Abby’s Hair and Makeup artist, Laura (and also a friend of mine), sent me the referral! She does amazing work! I love showing off San Diego and what better way than with your elopement!

Some people thing that an elopement is something that is done spur of the moment. Elopements today are anything but that. When you elope, you are intentionally wanting the entire experience to be a representation of you and your partner’s relationship. Are you guys laid back who like the outdoors, then a beach elopement where you get married while barefoot is something that reflects that. By no means does an elopement deserve less attention. I still want you to feel like a princes on your special day. I will still take you and your partner’s portraits, I will suggest vendors to you and treat it with the same passion and professionalism as a “real big wedding.

So yes, that still means you can get that beautiful dress you were eyeing, you can still get your hair and make up done, you can still get a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That is all still there, it’s just more intimate and stays more in line with how you want the course of events to be. You make the rules! Abby is wearing a beautiful dress by Monique Lhuillier! Her wedding floral bouquet was by Bridget’s Blooms ( a vendor I suggested). So you can still have it all on your special day! We did family portraits after the ceremony and then Abby, Jeff and I went on and did magic hour sunset portraits along the coast. Abby wanted palm trees, so I made sure to deliver 🙂



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