Balboa Park Family Photos | April + Lee

July 6, 2022

Balboa Park Family Photos | April + Lee

As a San Diego Family Photographer, one of my favorite locations to photograph at is Balboa Park. No matter how many times I go there, it never gets old. You can always find a new nook to photograph at! Plus, with the changing of the seasons, the natural foliage always gives you a beautiful surprise! In these Balboa Park Family Photos | April + Lee were celebrating their child’s first birthday! They also brought along a parent and created a “birthday party” during the session. She brought balloons and toys for the little one to play with!

Props and toys can really elevate a session or cause for a big distraction. Sometimes they both work together! You want to make sure you allocate enough time for the session. Patience is key here, when working with props. If you want to capture the right moment where certain things are clearly seen, you have to wait for the moment. Forcing the toddler to do something is NOT going to happen. Let them be and you will get amazing candid moments too!

What is great about San Diego’s Balboa Park, is that it has so many spots that are pretty empty. You can let your little one run free for a little. There are so many beautiful trees that will captivate their attention. When they are old enough, they can climb them too! There are plenty of space where you can create your little nook. When April mentioned she wanted to bring props, I knew Balboa Park would be perfect!

Don’t let the props be so distracting that you loose track of the family combinations. Make sure you get the entire group shot, then the smaller groups. Also couple shots of the parents and portraits of the kids. They grow so fast that they will want photos of how they looked at every age. If using a cake, make sure to do it towards the end of the session or when you are about to do an outfit change. You don’t want the look to get messy!



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