Balboa Park Family Photos | AP

February 6, 2022

Balboa Park Family Photos | AP

As a San Diego Family Photographer, I love suggesting Balboa Park as a location. Especially when the kids are little. Balboa Park has so many diverse backdrops and so many fun places for kids to run around. It’s a great place to get their energy out and memorable candids! Depending on the time of the year, you will get different foliage, but there will always be greenery year round. That makes it a solid location to have in your rolodex. In this Balboa Park Family Photos | AP, Allison and her son went on a mini adventure.

Kids can be fickle. One second they are smiling and the next they are running around. A tip for shooting young ones, DISTRACTIONS! Utilize the flowers on the trees and ask them what color it is. Ask them how it smells. This is how you get those candid, caught in the moment photos. Is it Fall? Ask them to pick up the leaves and throw them in the air. Kids love tasks, well sometimes, but they do love new things. So just give them ideas.

Another trick, for when kids don’t want to get their photo taken, is to tell them they are all done. Then start taking photos of the parent/parents. In just a few takes, you will see them come running back to be a part of the session again. They too get FOMO and don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Finally, the sure win trick is TREATS! Portion control is important here! You don’t want them running around hyper because then the treat idea will backfire. Treats like pez, skittles, or any natural candy that is tiny is a great option. That way you can give them multiple, but without getting them all sugared up!



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