Balboa Park Family Photos | Anamaria + Sean

December 8, 2022

Balboa Park Family Photos | Anamaria + Sean

As a San Diego family photographer, I love using Balboa Park as one of the shoot locations. There are such diverse backdrops there that you can transport your clients anywhere! Whether it’s the lush greenery, the beautiful architecture and more! Especially when clients have young babies, because it is super kid friendly! They can run around the park freely! In these Balboa Park Family Photos | Anamaria + Sean brought their little girl! It was so fun seeing her explore her surroundings!

When photographing babies, bring your patience! First, work around their schedule. Ask the parents what time they are in the best mood. Usually it’s late morning, after they have had their nap. Careful not to wake a sleeping baby. I would suggest to your clients that they arrive early so they can change the babies clothes too. They should not have the baby dressed in the car in case they spill crumbs or their milk.

If you find yourself with a crying baby, take a breath. It will pass. Take a break and let the parents distract them for a little. Take this opportunity to photograph some candids. Not right away though, you want the baby’s face to reduce in redness. Holding the baby’s toy helps too! You might have to multi task and take the photo at the same time as holding the toy. This helps them look right at the camera.

Tickles do the trick if the baby is in a serious mood. This makes for epic candid shots. Tell the parents to tickle the little one and watch the magic unfold! They can’t help but laugh and everyone starts to giggle. Then when you do the solo individual photos of each parent with the child or children, you can have the other parent entertain the little one. Make sure they stand right behind you so their eyes go to your camera.


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