San Diego Family Photos | Sisters Leilah + Charlotte

August 19, 2018

San Diego Family Photos | Sisters Leilah + Charlotte

Sister Sister! This shoot was super fun and cozy. Taking place in their home, these family photos: SISTERLY LOVE was definitely captured! Of the clothes they will share, the secrets they will keep and the fun they will have together! But first, their very own photoshoot!

Ok so maybe little sis needs to learn from her big sis the joys of smiling. But in all fairness, baby girl had just woken up from a nap. I have definitely learned that it takes a bit for baby to really wake up. We still had fun though, and had lots of laughs as we could already see the similarities in their expressions. Baby girl caught on quick with the smiles!

They even matched in the colors of their outfit and I think that was a total accident 😉 Big sis is so excited to welcome her new sister and excited to take good care of her! You can already see how she is protective and loving towards her! Making sure to hold her correctly and giving her lots of cuddles!

You can be sure big sis is going to make bank babysitting her little sis. But I don’t think she is in for the money, but rather the quality time 😉 Baby girl might not always listen and might put her arms in the air (see below), but she will learn to listen to her wiser older sister 😉

Baby girl is already prepped with outfit changes. This little nugget is the cutest and is brining back the headbands! I myself am wearing one as we speak 😉

The fun doesn’t stop there, there are more headbands to be worn! I think she caught on, cause now she was all giggles!! She would put on that serious GQ face but then the giggles would come out! Love baby giggles!!

To top it off, the grand finale outfit, embroidered family name jean jacket! Doesn’t get better than this! Great excuse for new outfits when taking family photos!

FAMILY photos: Sisterly Love


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