Andaz Hotel and Pannikin Building Wedding Photos | J+R

November 11, 2022

Andaz Hotel and Pannikin Building Wedding Photos | J+R

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I usually find myself photographing weddings near a beach or nature. It’s nice to mix things up and get a different terrain. It’s ideal to have the wedding venue be all in one place, but sometimes there are multiple locations involved. In these Andaz Hotel and Pannikin Building Wedding Photos | J+R had 3 locations on their wedding day. A getting ready location, which was this funky and cool peer space rental. Ceremony at the Andaz Hotel, followed by the reception at the Pannikin building. There was almost a fourth location, for their formal portraits but we ended up with downtown San Diego.

Starting with the getting ready location, FABULOUS! I could not get enough of that living room for the bridal portraits! Both bride and groom got ready there, along with their wedding party. We were confined to one room but they are so well decorated that it didn’t matter. If you are over the idea of getting ready in a hotel, I think renting a space for a few hours from Peerspace is IDEAL! You can get some real funky and photo worthy photos. Plus, not as huge as going to a hotel. It may even be less than your budget would have been in a hotel.

Moving on to the ceremony location, the Andaz Hotel. If you are looking for cityscape view for your ceremony backdrop, then the Andaz is your place! The ceremony city is a a few floors up but not so high that you are above the other hotels and buildings. You are high, but there are still buildings higher than you so that you feel surrounded by the city!

Lastly, the reception venue. It was a short one to two block walk from the hotel. So getting there is easy. Depending on how many guests you have, the tables can be a little tight and close. There is a separate dance floor area and a whole room downstairs. There were a couple streets where we went to do formal portraits nearby.