Aliso State Beach Family Photos

January 26, 2020

Aliso State Beach Family Photos

The holidays are a great time to get your extended family portraits shot! I’m talking parents, with kids and grandchildren!! It’s definitely a fun time!! Never a dull moment, always something to capture on camera! It can be challenging to coordinate everyone’s schedule, but it’s definitely worth booking your family portraits with all your family members! You are creating memories and then you get those memories sent to you to cherish forever!

The parents are grandparents to 8 kids and 2 on the way! They are and feel very blessed! They definitely have the energy for it! They were lifting and playing the kids to keep their spirits up during the shoot.

I am glad the family photo session created a purpose for the family to get together! It must be so fun for the grandchildren to all play together. Cousins are so fun and they are all in such close age that they can all get along.

The tide was a bit high that morning, so we couldn’t go over to the rocky area south of the beach where I had originally planned. We still made it work though. This was definitely an early morning shoot since they wanted to shoot at the beach. Since there isn’t much covering at the beach it is imperative to start early so the light doesn’t get so bright! If there are cliffs you can play off that, but once the sun is above it, you are under the sun’s control.

It was fun to capture the candids of the girls running away from a big wave that came up to the sand. They wanted beach shots and did they get them! There were also birds that flew in to some of the shots too. I always feel like having birds in the background of your photos adds something special, luck.


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