WEDDING photos: The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park

July 29, 2019

WEDDING photos: The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park

The Wedding Bowl at Cuvier Park is a popular sought after San Diego Beach Wedding venue! With spectacular ocean views, and a beautiful green landscape you definitely hit the wedding jackpot! Even on a cloudy day like these wedding photos: The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, it is still a spectacular sight!

I am glad the bride went with burgundy bridesmaids dresses. Usually that color is reserved for Fall weddings, but I think this color is so beautiful that it should and can be used at any time of the year! It’s such a nice pop of color, especially with the contrast of the green lawn and surroundings!

The vow exchange was so sweet! They were both in tears and needed to pause to collect themselves and use tissue! I love when brides and grooms come up with their own vows, it makes it more personal. You get to learn more about them as a couple and their journey together.

Are you getting excited to have your San Diego Beach Wedding at The Wedding Bowl, or Cuvier Park? The team at Dream Beach Wedding has got you covered with all the planning taken care of for you! They make sure you don’t worry about a thing on your big day! They can help you with the wedding floral arrangements and wedding bouquet, the arch, the chairs, you name it, they have it!

One thing to note about the Wedding Bowl. It is slanted. So if you think the photos are crooked, they aren’t. The venue is slanted. So I always have this dilemma if I should straighten the photo with the arch or with the horizon, but I always end up choosing to align with the horizon because that is protocol. What do you guys prefer?


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