WEDDING photos: San Diego Scottish Wedding

November 24, 2018

WEDDING photos: San Diego Scottish Wedding

When I pulled up to the San Diego wedding venue of Imperial Beach and I saw the Scottish kilts congregating together, I crossed my fingers that I would see a Scottish bagpipe. Unfortunately there were no bagpipes, but I knew there would still be a lot of entertainment! Leave it to Dream Beach Wedding to bring together Scottish traditions on a San Diego beach! These wedding photos: San Diego Scottish Wedding, will definitely be memorable!

It was an overcast day, to some that might be bad news, but as a photographer who loves moody photos, I was delighted!! First I would like to note that the groom is NOT Scottish, the bride is, so that shows you the love and respect he has for his Scottish bride. He even got to carry a knife in the sock. The bridesmaid dress was a taupe color that went back to the vest that the best man and groom were wearing.

The bride’s bouquet was GORGEOUS!! Really captured the essence of a fall wedding. The color combination was perfect, I loved them! Their rings were beautiful. Her wedding dress had a train and her veil made her look like a princess. It was all put together very nicely! I had so much fun shooting their formal portraits!

The bride and groom were so comfortable with one another in front of the camera. They were definitely not shy about showing their love. They were so romantic I could not stop shooting their photos!

It felt like we were in Scotland, minus the pier. All we needed was for raindrops to start. This is the weather I imagine Scotland to have. We did bring some Scottish traditions to the wedding. The mother of the bride had the kids give horseshoes to the bride and groom. This is a custom of Scottish weddings. I love learning about wedding cultures!


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