WEDDING photos: San Diego Private Home

September 5, 2018

WEDDING photos: San Diego Private Home

Not all weddings have to be at a public venue, some can be in the comfort of your home. These wedding photos: San Diego private home in Scripps Ranch. It was all their closest friends and family. Many flying in from different countries as well! Both ceremony and reception were at the brides family home. For their couple portraits there was a small “forest” area at the corner of their street, so we went there to add some diversity to their wedding photos. Per usual 😉

WEDDING photos: San Diego Private Home

Let’ s talk about her “wedding dress”… it was a JUMPSUIT!! How cool of a bride is she!! She definitley rocked that white wedding jumpsuit!! Definitely a first I’ve seen and hopefully not the last! So cool that she went outside the box. Furthermore, those orange tulips in her wedding bouquet were everything! The color just popped!!

The groom of course looked great, but nothing beats a jumpsuit! The two of them together was so sweet. They would get giggly during the photos but they still conveyed the love and emotion they had for each other.

After the couple portrait shots, the ceremony was going to start back at the house. It was a veryyyy hot August day, but the canopy helped keep the bride and groom cool. The pool was decorated with petals. The view of the canyon was spectacular! Their friends and family were seated to the side and behind the pool. I made sure to watch my step during the ceremony so I wouldn’t fall in the pool!

Here is a close up on the flower petals. The contrast of the blue with the petals made for a beautiful photo! Of course has to use her beautiful bouquet for the ring shot!

After the ceremony we gathered everyone around for some family and friends group shots. Cold beers were in everyones hand to keep cool in the heat, as well as straw hats! It was a great time!



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