WEDDING photos: Old Poway Park

January 23, 2019

WEDDING photos: Old Poway Park

It’s always exciting to shoot at new San Diego wedding venues. When I had the opportunity to shoot at Old Poway Park I went before to scout out the area. I have nothing but great things to say about this place, it was so much fun to shoot the wedding photos: Old Poway Park. It started at Sam’s Old Poway Barber shop. A great place to get groom getting ready photos!

One great thing to mention about Old Poway Park venue, is that they provide a bridal suite and a groom getting ready or hang out room. The groomsmen were a solid crew! They were a really close knit group of friends!

The bridal suite was in the chapel as they did an outdoor ceremony in the gazebo. The high ceilings gave it such a presence and tons of natural light would flood in. There were heavy curtains so you could adjust the light as you see fit too.

Old Poway Park has tons of surroundings. They have huge trees where in the Fall time serves as a great family photo setting. There are also railroad tracks, super fun to just go there and play with the kids. They also have vintage looking railroad carts. That’s where I decided to shoot the group groomsmen photos.

No complaints from the groomsmen here. They just requested that some of the photos be taken with their sunglasses 😉 It was time for the ceremony, and the gazebo was beautifully decorated. The groom had his breath taken way as he saw his bride walk out of the chapel and down the aisle!

The bride was a vision! The ceremony was full of laughters and tears! So much love was expressed and live guitar music too!

Usually as a photographer you capture that moment when the groom does a fist pump in the air, like YES I GOT HER! Here I am happy to say the bride also had a fist pump moment. Their exit was also greeted with confetti!

The reception took place in a private residence nearby. It was beautifully decorated and had fun party activities. Some included life size chess, corn wall and even a sling to throw apples on scarecrows dressed as bride and groom. The guests were definitely entertained!

The food was fun too! They had a pizza food truck that provided salads, bread sticks and of course, pizza. Many people start to realize that guests would rather dance than sit around and eat. Plus you can’t dance when you are too full. So I think having a lighter meal is a great idea!


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