WEDDING photos: Mount Palomar Winery

September 29, 2019

WEDDING photos: Mount Palomar Winery

I love shooting outdoor weddings, the more in to nature the better! I was soooo excited to shoot this Temecula winery wedding! These wedding photos: Mount Palomar Winery were nothing short of a dream come true! The weather was perfect, the bride looked stunning, the groom couldn’t be happier the team at Mount Palomar Winery were flawless! Everything came together so smoothly!

Never have I been so inspired with detail shots than at this wedding! I really wanted to incorporate all the elements of the wedding. We were at a winery so I wanted to add the grape touch, I found this piece of wood block outside on the pathway. I was in such shock and appreciation by the perfect size of it. It literally was exactly what I was picturing so I could put the detail shots on it. I originally wanted the cork from the wine bottles, but we used the champagne ones that the bride and groom each opened during their getting ready. So it definitely has sentimental values!

The getting ready locations are perfect for your wedding! The bridal suite is super well lit with natural light. It’s on the opposite side of the grooms suite, so there is no risk of seeing each other. The grooms room has tables on the outside so it has a cool hang out beer vibe for photos.

I am so in love with this bridal suite! The lighting was perfect!! I shot the bridal portraits right outside the bridal suite to avoid running in to the groom. There was greenery everywhere! This San Diego winery offers so many locations for amazing portraits! The light was coming through perfectly! It lit the bride up like an angel! She was an absolute vision. The photos of her with her daughter are just adorable too!