All Hallows & JULEP Wedding Photos | Yuvi + Eddie

January 16, 2020

AHA & JULEP Wedding Photos | Yuvi + Eddie

This San Diego wedding was so nostalgic for me as the church ceremony took place in my old Catholic church, All Hallows! I went to Catholic school when I was little for a few years. So it was trippy to be back there decades later as an adult and shooting a wedding! Anywho, there were separate areas for the bride and groom to hang out and get ready in. Although I will add, the bride did come hair and makeup ready. I don’t think you can have the room to prep for that, I would check when booking.

Before the ceremony we took a few family portraits as well as individual portraits. I always like to allot sufficient time for “getting ready” photos. When I say getting ready, I include wedding details like invite, bouquet, engagement ring and wedding bands, jewelry, dress, shoes, finishing touches on hair and makeup, then zipping of the dress and/or putting on the jacket, then if you have a wedding party, portraits with wedding party, bridal and groomsmen, then individual portraits and some portraits with your parents or immediate family that is with you when getting ready. So it’ not like I am photographing you when you are getting your foundation put on. You are almost actually hair and make up ready. So that is why I like to have either 1 hour to 2 hours for this. I don’t want to rush you to take photos. I want things to flow at a calm pace. The last thing I want to do is add stress during the most calm part of the day. Speaking of time, the brides’s wedding dress was absolutely timeless!! Dress by Sarah Seven.

The ceremony was an hour long, but it definitely felt quicker. Loved seeing the groom’s face the moment she walked into the church. I knew when she saw him, because she smiled and you could feel her relax and get excited to marry the love of her life! That expression of pure joy and happiness can be seen in the last photo on the left of the next section. EAR TO EAR smiles!

Since we were rushing with the sunset time, we had already decided we were going to shoot their formal portraits immediately following the ceremony and then do their family portraits at the reception location, Julep. The sunset was perfect for their portraits, that warm romantic light just melted onto them! Also, can we talk about their “JUST MARRIED” decorated JEEP Wrangler!! The bride’s sister decorated it, and it was just perfect! We definitely started the portraits with the jeep and with a toast of MINI BOTTLE CHAMPAGNE!!! So cute and so perfect!!

Julep is a new San Diego wedding and event space located in Mission Hills and conveniently located off the 8 freeway. We were the first wedding there! They have a great outdoor space for cocktail hour. The bride and groom had mariachis playing to entertain the guests. The event space itself is a blank canvas so you can do whatever you want with it. If you need help coordinating, contact Victoria LaHood from Brick. Beverages provided by the cool guys over at Snake Oil. And delicious food by Artquest Catering.