WEDDING photos: Calumet Park, La Jolla

November 7, 2019

WEDDING photos: Calumet Park, La Jolla

San Diego Wedding season continues on through the fall! I finally have a day to catch up on my blog posts! I have been shooting and editing non stop. This weekend I have 2 more weddings that I am super excited about. Today I am trying to post as much as I can to start sharing all the summer weddings I have shot. These wedding photos: Calumet Park, La Jolla was nothing short of spectacular. Executed by Dream Beach Wedding. These were some of my favorite wedding photos of the summer that I have taken.

We even had a canine ring bearer! How cute is that! Calumet Park is nestled among BirdRock homes in La Jolla. There is a surf spot down below the cliffs. It’s a nice area for an intimate beach wedding, although this does not have toes in the sand feel. More of a cliff, landscape view. Still a spectacular one!

Can we take a second to admire the bride’s wedding bouquet!! Absolutely stunning! I love it when the bouquets cascade down, I don’t know what the technical term of it is called, but I like the flow. The groom had a matching flower for his boutonniere.

As they walked down the aisle hand in hand, the magic hour light was starting! Such gorgeous light! I wanted the family portraits to begin promptly so I can catch this light for their formal portraits. This is what summer beach weddings are all about!

Nothing like that kiss with a dip! Definitely something you should have your clients practice beforehand if they remember. That way the bride doesn’t feel like she is going to be dropped! LOL. Always a fun and romantic shot to take!

The light coming through the bouquet was just breathtaking! Sun kissing the bouquet.


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