Vista Valley Country Club Wedding | Harley + Alex

January 24, 2020

Vista Valley Country Club Wedding | Harley + Alex

As soon as I met Harley and Alex we could finish each others sentences! As they described their wedding to me, I instantly understood her moody and ethereal vision! When she said her venue was Vista Valley Country Club I was super excited as I had toured the property earlier in the year and was in love with the gate that was actually brought over from FRANCE!! So if you are wanting a french country rustic wedding without the plane flight, Vista Valley Country Club is your San Diego Wedding Venue! The epic day started with the getting ready portion. VVCC has two getting ready rooms which I always appreciate that venues have as it makes the day flow faster and more efficient since everything is on site.

It’s always a great idea to meet with your wedding clients and learn about their wedding and why they are choosing what they are doing. This gives you a better idea on what and how to photograph for their big day. For example, Harley told me that her and Alex were going to get tattoos on their wedding fingers (as well as having wedding bands). I thought that is such a cool idea and that I definitely wanted to incorporate that into the photos. So I asked her ahead of time to provide me with the tattoo gun that will be used so that I can take photos of it with the other wedding details. I thought the combo of the tattoo gun and tattoo ink with the invites was awesome and made it very representative of THEIR wedding and how they did things THEIR way!

I don’t often have brides that do a first look with their dad, but oh is it something I am going to start suggesting. It’s such a special moment between father and daughter. Afterwards she also did a first look with her brothers which I also thought we super sweet! It’ exciting to see their reaction! The lighting in this room, was PERFECTION!!! I actually started shooting her bridal portraits here too. I will definitely be using this room again in the future!

Before the ceremony the light was hitting the trees so perfectly that I had to take a minute while everyone was preparing to do some bridal portraits.

I love this gate and this background!!! I cannot wait to come back and shoot wedding photos here again!! Also I was so excited to shoot my first tattoo ring exchange. The sun rays were peaking through the trees, creating beautiful sun flare and it was just so magical!

We were racing against the sunset time as there is a hill right behind the ceremony site. Something I had already calculated so I knew that we had to move fast. We had done a walk thru 2 weeks before as I had suspected our sunset time would be cut earlier. This definitely helped create the moody portraits that Harley had requested months ago when we first met.