Scripps Beach Family Photos | Dawn + Brian

March 12, 2022

As a San Diego family photographer, it’s always fun when you have out of town clients! Travel is picking up again and families want to capture that experience in a family photo session. What a great way to remember the trip! It also alleviates the burden of taking a bunch of selfies or leaving someone out of the photo because they are taking it. In these Scripps Beach Family Photos | Dawn + Brian had some fun getting their toes and knees wet in the water!

It was a very windy day! Rest assured that wind seems to blow more when you are higher up. Try to position your subjects with the wind. This helps, somewhat, to avoid getting their hair in their face. Also, with those that have long hair, have them bring it all to one side and then twist and tuck under. It can be a good idea to have clients bring an accessory for windy days. Whether they put their hair half and up and down or headbands.

When the weather conditions are not favorable, it is important to keep morale up! You want to keep the positive and vibrant energy going throughout the session. You want to make sure you are still getting those smiles and zesty eyes captured!

When photographing families, make sure you capture a variety of combinations. You can warm them up with the big group shot, everyone there. Then you can break out into smaller groups. Each parent with all the kids and then each same parent with each child individually. Switch off to the other paren and repeat. Then the kids together and the kids individually. Last, but definitely not least, the parents alone! So they can remember how it was when it was just the two of them. The last time they got couple shots might have been on their wedding day!



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