San Diego Lifestyle Kids Photos | Wild Wawa SS23 D1

February 28, 2023

San Diego Lifestyle Kids Photos | Wild Wawa SS23 D1

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, it’s great seeing a brand come to life! Seeing client’s debut their collections on talent is always an inspiring time! Lifestyle branding shoots are important for a brand so they can visually show their clients what they are all about. A lookbook of their new collection allows clients to feel their brand and understand what their DNA is all about. In these San Diego Lifestyle Kids Photos | Wild Wawa SS23 D1 we return to one of our favorite clients starting out their new season! We tend to stick to a few locations we have used in the path to photograph their collections. In this case we went to San Dieguito Park.

When preparing to photograph a lifestyle shoot, it is imperative you understand clearly the brand’s identity. Firstly, you want to know how they will use these photos. Where will they be located. You need to know if your client needs more horizontal photos or vertical or a mix. If your client can’t use your photos, then they shoot is a total waste.

Another thing to confirm with your client is the editing style. Make sure you clearly discuss and understand the aesthetics that they want for their images. If it’s a consistent client, still double check that they want the same style. Sometimes, clients like to change it up from time to time. So to save everyone some editing time, double check. Also, feel free to edit a few photos and submit it to your client for feedback. This way, you avoid editing the entire selection for nothing.

What I like to do after my sessions, is left my client go through the unedited gallery. From there they choose the ones they want to move forward with for their selection. This saves time on how many images you edit and only has you edit the ones that they want.



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