San Diego Kids Clothing Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Summer

June 24, 2023

San Diego Kids Clothing Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Summer

As a San Diego Lifestyle photographer, I love how fun photographing fashion lookbooks are. Fashion lookbooks are used by brands to showcase their newest collections. The photos are used for their catalogs and also used to share on their social media and website. Historically, brands would do this at least 6 months in advance to the launch date, if not a year in advance. This would allow enough time for them to get the samples and photograph the collections. Other brands can do it in shorter time. It can vary. It also helps to know the turnaround time of the delivery of the photos. In these San Diego Kids Clothing Lifestyle Photos | Wild Wawa Summer shined through the overcast weather!

When working with a brand, they usually have a creative in mind for the session. So make sure you understand the vision they have for this shoot. In this case, it was 4th of July vibes. They chose a location that went with that mood, which is Coronado Beach. With the beautiful backdrop of the Hotel Del, you really can imagine the fireworks on the 4th of July, despite the overcast weather.

When photographing children, you have to be quick to find those candid shots. It is super important to have distractions for them and props to play with. With kids, the more candid the better. Consider the location you are photographing at and then choose the appropriate props. Don’t go overboard though! You don’t wan the props to cover the outfits or to be too distracting. Try to pick neutral items and very natural items. Things that are easy to entertain without being too complicated. The last thing you want is the shoot to become about the props and not the clothes at hand.


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