Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Maternity Dresses

January 25, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Maternity Dresses

I can’t help but recommend PinkBlush to anyone looking for stylish maternity wear. Their choices are so versatile you don’t feel like it’s maternity fashion, but simply fashion. It’s my go to recommendation when I book maternity shoots and they ask me for wardrobe advice. There are tons of new options on their website everyday! Today’s commercial photos: PinkBlush maternity dresses.

The lace and embroidered throw is soooo pretty, delicate and feminine! Super flirtatious! It’s a definite must have piece in your closet as it pretty much goes with anything you might currently have in there! The great thing about it is that since its open in the front, you can wear it after you are pregnant too!

The midi dress in beige is also very versatile as its a nude, muted color. It too pretty much goes with anything in your closet. You could get all different colors of this dress and mix and match with jackets and / or sweaters. The long necklace complements well and adds a nice pop to the outfit as well. This is definitely a cute and comfortable stylish maternity outfit! Effortless!

Changing direction now we are in full color swing. This pretty royal blue or periwinkle blue really adds a pop to your day. It’s balanced with the print on the bottom half of the dress so you don’t feel like the blue is too overwhelming. The pattern is placed in a flattering way on the maxi dress.

Paired with the right shoes, this maxi maternity dress can be dressed up or down. So you can totally take it from daytime to nighttime! I am sure when you are pregnant the least amount of outfit changes the better!


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