San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | A + J

April 5, 2023

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | A + J

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love seeing more and more couple opt for this more intimate civil ceremony. In a San Diego civil wedding, couples invite their closest friends and family to join them or the couple can do it on their own. The beauty of having a civil ceremony is that you can do whatever you want as a couple! No need to follow long day itineraries or making sure your 150 guests are taken care of. You can focus on this special moment as you exchange your vows to one another (no obligation say your own custom ones, you can recite from the officiant). The officiants at all the San Diego courthouse locations are super amicable! Your civil ceremony wedding will always feel special! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | A + J had a wonderful group of friends and family who came to celebrate with them!

The bride went for comfort, and I highly recommend you do too! She wore white sneakers and she felt very happy about her decision. If your client decides to wear heels, make sure they are broken in. If they are not, I would suggest you recommend he or she bring a pair of back up shoes just in case. Walking around with blisters while getting your photo taken is not fun! Having a tote bag where they can put stuff in is very helpful. Like water, hair brush, lipstick, etc.

The brides hair and makeup was stunning!! It was done by the talents Chris Tran. She looked gorgeous! The hair piece was a very fun detail too! Whenever possible, I would suggest booking and trial hair and makeup with your vendor. Pro tip- schedule your engagement session for the same day as your trial. That way you are camera ready for your session!



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