San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Mei + Haochen

September 3, 2020

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Mei + Haochen

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love finding new areas around the San Diego County Administrator building to photograph couples at. With all the COVID-19 restrictions, San Diego courthouse weddings have seem to become more popular. Although there are currently some restriction even at the courthouse, like no official outdoor ceremonies at the arch. Currently ceremonies are being conducted at the “marriage hut”.

This particular San Diego elopement session was supposed to take place back in March, just days after the shutdown! When we did our walk thru the week before, we thought there was no way that they would close down the office. But then it happened! So they had to put it on hold for obvious reasons and finally we were able to reschedule for July!

As soon as I saw the bride I couldn’t decide what I loved the most, her dress or her shoes!!!!! Absolutely a stunner!!! Totally loved the class and vintage vibe of her dress and she totally dressed them up with a funky touch of sparkly shiny stilettos! What a great combination!

It was a beautiful sunny day. We scheduled the shoot 1.5 hours before the sunset to make sure we had ample time to shoot around the courthouse and also across the street at the harbor. The way the sunlight hits the sails during sunset is nothing short of spectacular!

Sidenote, you do not have to reside in San Diego to get a marriage license at this downtown San Diego County Administrator building. So if you are not local, you can make a whole trip out of it. Marriage and honeymoon in one vacation! Make sure to schedule your date, you can start scheduling 45 days in advance. There are lots of restaurants and hotels nearby.



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